Welcome to Hitch Hounds

Show pride in your favorite breed with a unique piece of art for your vehicle!

Unlike the cookie cutter computer machined hitch covers available, these original designs are hand sculpted and individually cast in aluminum, polished, signed, and numbered, all by the sculptor, and most importantly, MADE IN AMERICA!

In the Online Store, you will find the kennel of hounds and other animals that are currently available,
but new breeds, and  other surprises are on my list to be included in the future and if your favorite breed isn't part of the pack yet, please let me know, I may just add it to the short list!

No matter what breed we have chosen - or has chosen us, we all feel that it has a little bit of an edge over  all others, and somehow, our companion is the best example of that breed. If you would like an exclusive portrait of your pet, company, or school mascot sculpted for a hitch cover, or even for a memorial plaque of your lost friend, I am more than happy to work with you, and to give you a price quote.
I love dogs, especially my dogs; there are times they drive me crazy, times they make me laugh, they comfort me, they are my greatest muses, they make me laugh some more!

Our animal companions are some of the best parts of our lives, and if you have found this site, yours probably play a big part in your life too. You look forward to the wagging tail, the happy face, the wild excited run through the house, the bow and howl greeting when you walk in the door; you understand the bonds that we have with these wonderful, loving, loyal, empathetic, forgiving, humorous, and, hopefully, furriest members of our family.

Thanks for visiting,

Jim Rogers
Silly humans, trucks are for dogs!
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